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Non-woven fabric used in wastewater treatment

 Sewage treatment has a lot of people worry, non-woven fabric is probably one of the ways to solve this difficult problem.

Non-woven fabric as a new type of filtration material, because of its small gap between mutual entanglement between fiber, fiber, unique three-dimensional network structure, low filter resistance, high filtration efficiency, high output, low cost, and many varieties and can be made into bulk products, and products can be made of close, can be processed into ordinary thin products, and can be processed into special needs of its characteristics of super thick, make it widely used in chemical, mining, pharmaceutical, food, textile, machinery, automobile industry and environmental protection and other fields.And by the melt-blown technology made of polypropylene nonwoven material, its very fine superfine fiber structure and sharp edges, can form a lot of small gap between the fiber, and because the fiber specific surface area is large, make these tiny gap distribution more uniform, can undertake filtering through different mechanisms, such as interception, inertial deposition, gravity sedimentation mechanism, it can become a good filtering material one of the important factors.

At present, non-woven combination with other methods of wastewater treatment research is still in its infancy, but compared with the traditional wastewater treatment technology, this kind of joint process has highlighted its advantages, will become one of the important methods of sewage disposal.