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Name: High quality biological degradation of polypropylene nonwoven fabric price
port: Huangpu ,Guangzhou
payment: T/T western union moneygram paypal l/c
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Quick details
Material: non-woven fabric                   Process: nonwoven fabric                              Weight: 30 ~ 150 g
Width: 50 cm to 320 cm                     Style: point                                                  Color: custom

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: roll in polybag with paper tube in middle
Delivery Detail: 5-7days after receiving deposit

Product features
--------Tensile, tear, Anti - bursting, the intensity is high, the expansion coefficient, high mechanical strength.
--------Acid, environmental protection, non-toxic
--------Has the good air, waterproof;
--------Dyeing masterbatch, do not fade

Product use
1, medical and health: operating coat, protective clothing, disinfecting bag cloth, mask, diapers, rags, wipingcloth, wet towel, magic towel, soft towel roll, cosmetics, sanitary napkin, sanitary pad, one-time health cloth, etc.
2, home decoration, metope material fabric, table cloth, bed sheets, bedspread, etc
3, garments, lining, lining, lobules, shape cotton, all kinds of synthetic leather base cloth, etc
4, industry: roof waterproofing materials, asphalt shingle based materials, reinforcement materials, polishing materials, filtration materials, insulation materials, cement packing bag, geotextile, covering fabric and so on
5, agriculture: crop protection cloth, non-woven fabric for seed breeding, irrigation cloth, heat insulation curtains, etc.
6, other: space cotton, sound insulation materials, thermal oil absorption, cigarette filter, shoes, etc.

Products trading information
Minimum order quantity: 10 tons
FOB price: 1600-2300 per ton
Port: huangpu, guangzhou
Payment: T/T  western union moneygram paypal l/c
Availability: the 50 tons every day
Delivery date: about 5 to 7 days after the deposi
Standard packing: in the middle roll and tube plastic bags