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Guangzhou wahoo non-woven co., LTD is a China wahoo non-woven co., LTD. South China branch.China · wahoo non-woven co., LTD. Is a focus on non-woven production of professional enterprise.Company registered capital of fifty-five million yuan, in wenzhou, zhejiang, anhui tongcheng, jiaxing, zhejiang, guangdong guangzhou and other places has five major production bases, a total capacity of up to fifty thousand tons, is one of the largest nonwoven enterprise, is China law spun-bonded non-woven association vice-chairman unit.
At present, wahoo non-woven has more than 35 production lines, annual output can be more than 50000 tons.Wahoo non-woven fabrics has been committed to PP, nylon spun-bonded non-woven fabric, such as research and development, production, to provide customers with excellent products and service.Wahoo non-woven focus on high-value in non-woven industry, actively cultivate enterprise's core competitiveness, through to the quality of perseverance and continuous technological innovation, the production of PP non-woven fabric and nylon Canberra products in terms of quality, safety, environmental protection is well ahead of the market, for the differentiated needs of customers to provide satisfactory solutions.
             Wahoo non-woven fabric with rich industry experience and deep understanding of market and product, will continue to adhere to core business, promote the quality of the products number one project, to ensure the absolute leading position in the industry.
           Main products are: non-woven bag, environmental shopping bag, PP non-woven fabrics, woven bag, face film, non-woven masks, spun-bonded non-woven, PP non-woven fabric, etc.

Guangzhou wahoo non-woven co., LTD
Touch: miss wang
Address: No. 16, Bicun Bei Road, west of Yingbin Avenue, Huadu District,
              Guangzhou City, China

Mail editor: 510800
The true: 86-020-22985801
Telephone: 86-020-22985801
Mobile phone: 18819296805
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